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Newme Card

"The NEWme Card, a computerized, magnetic card, reorders your
frequency and energy, supporting the optimization of the functions of
your body"

The benefits

Helps to raise your vibration frequency, aligns your chakras,
restructures the Aura, gives a greater energy and functional balance
in your organs, activates cellular metabolism, increases oxygen levels in
the body, improves vitality, strength, endurance, stability, balance,
muscle pain, emotional and mental stability, and protects from negative
energies and electromagnetic radiation.

How to use

Put the NEWme Card on your body, at the site of pain or injury for
at least seven minutes a day. For better sleep, put it under your pillow. The
longer the card is exposed to you, the better the benefits. You can carry
your NEWme Card for 24 hours a day. NEWme Card should be kept dry

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